Whether you bought a new electric car or have an old one, one thing needs extra care, even more than the look of your EV: the tyres!

Your vehicle's tyre type and size need extra focus to give a better performance on the road and also ensure your safety while you contribute to the sustainability goals of your country and society.

This guide covers everything you need to know about electronic vehicle tyres, how they differ from normal tyres, and why you need them.

If you are feeling all mixed up on what to consider while buying tyres for your new vehicle, we have listed seven things to consider before you offer your hard-earned money to another tyre brand.

What Are EV Tyres, And How Do They Differ From Regular Tyres?

Electric vehicle tyres are special tyres with reinforced sidewalls to support the heavy weight of batteries in electric vehicles. Here are the key differences between normal and EV tyres.

Feature Normal Tyres EV Tyres
Material Traditional rubber compounds Specialized for low rolling resistance
Durability Standard durability Enhanced durability for high-torque demands
Noise Moderate road noise levels Quieter operation due to specialized design
Grip Standard grip levels Enhanced grip for regenerative braking
Heat Management Standard heat dissipation capabilities Improved heat dissipation for high-torque motors

3 Top Reasons You Must Have Specialized Tyres For Your Electric Vehicle

Considering the differences between normal and EV tyres mentioned above, here are three more reasons why you must consider purchasing special EV tyres.

1. Instant Torque Release by EVs

As soon as you press the accelerator pedal in your EV, instant torque is released to the wheels. Standard tyres might not be able to handle this torque output efficiently. Therefore, specialized EV tyres are needed to provide enhanced grip and traction during acceleration and braking in electronic vehicles.

2. Heavy Weight Distribution of Batteries

The batteries in electric vehicles are located either beneath the floor or within the chassis, causing an additional strain on the tyres. Due to the heavy weight of batteries, standard tyres may wear out earlier. However, EV tyres provide adequate load-bearing capacity and can easily support the unique weight distribution of electric vehicles.

3. Regenerative Braking of EVs

Electronic vehicles use a regenerative braking system, in which the car’s system captures and recycles the saved energy when slowed down. This puts stress on the tyres, as it creates more force when you brake. The special EV tyres can handle this braking better due to their enhanced grip and heat resistance.

Purchasing special EV tyres is a must for every electronic vehicle owner, but how do you decide which type of tire to purchase for your vehicle, let’s find out.

7 Things To Consider Before You Buy Tire For EVs In UAE

If you want to experience a safe and efficient driving experience and want your EV tyres to last longer, here are the factors you must use to evaluate the tire type and quality of electronic vehicles.

1. Load Index and Speed Rating

For EVs, choose tyres with load indexes appropriate for the vehicle's weight. Remember, exceeding the load index can lead to premature tire wear. Therefore, carefully consider your tire's load indexes and also pay attention to the speed levels those tyres can handle.

2. Traction and Grip

To ensure your electric vehicle can accelerate and brake effectively, you must pay close attention to the traction and grip of the tyres. For instance, you must choose high-traction tyres for your vehicle as they provide a better grip on various road surfaces, including wet and slippery conditions.

3. Rolling Resistance

When tyres have higher rolling resistance, more energy is required to overcome it, leading to decreased efficiency of your vehicle and its performance. Therefore, lower rolling resistance tyres are more beneficial for EVs, and you must choose such tyres for your vehicle.

4. Noise and Comfort

If you want a driving experience with minimal noise and maximum comfort, you must choose low-noise tyres for your vehicle. To identify low-noise tyres, look at the labels on tyres, ask the manufacturer and also check reviews and ratings of tyres from reputable sources.

5. Seasonal Considerations

Depending on your residential area's climate and driving conditions, you must choose tyres that can complement your unique needs. For UAE, you must consider purchasing summer tyres for their hot and dry climate with occasional rain.

6. Tire Durability and Longevity

If you want your tyres to wear out less and serve your driving desires for a longer period, choose tyres made of durable tread compounds as they last longer. Additionally, you can extend the longevity of tyres by maintaining proper tire maintenance and practices like regular rotations and alignments.

7. Warranty and Customer Reviews

Lastly, you must consider both the warranty and the overall sentiment of customer reviews before investing your money in a tire brand. A detailed review can give you insights into the real-world performance of tyres and help your decision.

Based on the above factors, you must carefully evaluate the tire’s quality and choose what tyres your vehicle needs. The right decision can enhance your experience while ignoring these factors can impact the efficiency of your electric vehicle.

What To Do When EV Tyres Wear Out?

When your EV tyres wear out, check with a tire shop owner first to know his opinion. You have two options: If tyres can be reused by adding a new tread to the won-out casting, reuse it, or else replace and recycle it to bring new ones as a replacement.

Tips To Maintain EV Tyres In UAE

Maintaining electric vehicle (EV) tyres in the UAE or any region with hot weather conditions requires some specific techniques. Here are some of them in order:

  1. Check Tire Pressure Regularly: Hot weather can cause fluctuations in tire pressure. Therefore, keep a close eye on the pressure in your vehicle’s tyres.
  2. Monitor Tread Wear: You must also inspect your tyres' tread wear after every few weeks. If the tread depth has reached the minimum recommended level, replace your tyres to maintain safety.
  3. Regularly Rotate Tyres: Rotating tyres regularly extends their lifespan. Therefore, ask and follow all the recommended rotation intervals provided by your vehicle manufacturer.
  4. Use Summer Tyres: Lastly, to maintain EV tyres in Dubai, use tyres according to Dubai’s hot weather. You can use summer tyres for better durability and performance.

Conclusion: Find The Best Tyre For Car Or Electric Vehicles

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  1. How long can EV tyres last?

    Good quality EV tyres can last for 30,000 to 60,000 miles. This range can vary as per several other factors.

  2. Where to buy tyres online in UAE?

    TyreVision is a one-solution platform for all your tyre needs in the UAE. You can buy electric vehicle tires and off-road tyres for all motor vehicles on a single platform.

  3. What is the EV car tyre price in Abu Dhabi?

    The electric car tyre price in Abu Dhabi ranges from AED 500 to AED 2000. However, this price can vary according to the platform you choose to buy and various brands like Tyrevision may provide special offers too