Dubai is known for its busy roads. It attracts millions of visitors each, which leads to traffic congestion all over the year. As per the World Health Organization (WHO), Dubai records the second-highest death rate due to road accidents.

Here are the main causes that lead to road accidents in Dubai

  • Suddenly changing lanes is the number one cause of accidents and injuries.
  • Drunk-driving
  • Not maintaining a safe distance between cars
  • Not being in the lane
  • Entering the road without checking
  • Breaking red light
  • Not paying attention
  • Reversing dangerously leads to 3% death and injuries.
  • Overspeeding causes 2% death.

Private cars top the list of road accidents in Dubai and contribute 64% to total fatalities. This makes it even more important to understand safe driving rules and follow it diligently to safeguard both yourself and others on the road.

Safe Driving Habits To Follow On Dubai Roads

1. Always keep a safe distance

Always maintain at least a 5-second gap between you and the car in front. Failing to do so can lead to a collision in case the previous car stops abruptly.

Especially with trucks, it is more significant to stay away from them. Truck drivers drive for a long amount of time. They get tired and don’t care about any traffic rules. Also, a key thing to remember here is that tyres play a key role in avoiding collisions. If your car tyres do not have enough grip, even maintaining a safe distance will not work as the car won't stop early.

2. Follow Speed Limits

Dubai's government charges 3000 AED fines for those speeding above 80 km per hour. However, even without government rule, you should be following safe speed limits as you can put yourself and others in danger.

Here are the official speed limits in Dubai

  • UAE/Dubai highways – 100 to 160 km per hour Rural areas
  • Urban areas – 40 to 80 km per hour
  • Residential areas - 40 km per hour
  • Parking areas – 25 km per hour

If you push it higher, in extreme cases, officials can put 23 black points. At 24 points, your driving licence will be cancelled, and the car will be taken away for 60 days.

3. Check Road Before Entering

As pointed above, not checking roads or lanes before entering them is one of the leading causes of road accidents in Dubai. Make it a habit of checking out both sides to see if any vehicle is approaching. If it does, let them go before you enter the road or lane.

4. Avoid reckless driving

Reckless driving behaviour not only endangers your own personal safety but also of others on the road. Recklessly driving behaviour includes -

  • Rushing through the traffic
  • Sudden swerving
  • Drunk-driving
  • Reversing without checkout the road
  • Talking on the phone
  • Overtaking other vehicles

All of the above are punishable offences and will result in AED 2,000 fine.

5. Avoid overtaking

Being careful and not passing other cars is a big rule for safe driving, especially in places like Dubai. If you get caught overtaking another car in an unsafe manner, Dubai Gov charges a fine up to 1000 AED.

Even if the rules say not to pass in certain lanes, real life can be different. Just look at your side mirrors to see if someone is trying to pass you. If someone honks a lot and gets too close, it's better to let them go ahead without arguing. This helps traffic move smoothly and keeps everyone’s trip stress-free and safe.

Remember, it's about driving smart and being nice to others on the road, making sure everyone gets where they are going without any problems.

6. Drive on proper lanes

Following the rule of sticking to your lane is important for safe driving, especially in busy Dubai. Stay in the lane that matches with your speed and avoid changing lanes without a reason. Each lane has a job - the right one is for slower traffic, and the left is for faster speeds.

If you accidentally end up in a fast lane and see a fast approaching car behind you, quickly use your indicator to let them pass. This not only helps you but keeps other passengers on the road. Following these simple rules prevents traffic jams and reduces the chances of sudden lane changes that can lead to accidents.

7. Stopping at pedestrian crossings

It's super significant to be extra careful around pedestrian crossings in Dubai. The city really wants everyone to be safe, so when you are driving, always stop a good distance before these crossings. This gives people enough space to cross without any worries. If you zoom past without stopping, you could end up with a big fine of up to 500Dhs and get six black points on your driving record - not cool!

Keeping an eye on these crossings goes beyond following traffic rules; it's about keeping everyone safe on the road. When you stop at pedestrian crossings, it's not just about being a good driver – it helps create a safe city where people can walk around without worry.

8. Disciplined driving

Developing good driving habits in Dubai goes beyond just following traffic rules; it involves treating other drivers with respect. It's crucial not to use offensive language or rude gestures, even when others make mistakes. Dubai's residents and the police take the responsibility of driving seriously, so not adhering to this could result in losing your licence. While driving in the UAE, it's essential to stay calm and avoid using inappropriate language, as swearing is a significant issue.

Respecting these rules is not just about being a better driver; it's also about creating a friendly and safe driving atmosphere for everyone on Dubai’s roads.


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